AgriNous seamlessly facilitates real time processing of all methods of livestock sales for Agents, Yards & Scale Operators. Our software subliminally bakes in all compliance tasks along the way meeting stringent biosecurity & regulatory requirements.

Our system maintains persistent syncing of all data between your connected users, meaning all back office records are updated automatically, reducing significant administrative costs and eliminating double handling of information, this reduces the processing time of livestock sales dramatically. 

Buyers are provided with all post sale documentation via email and have access to a custom built portal containing archives of all historical sale data. 

Embracing the best of modern day cloud and app technologies, the system simply requires either mobile service or an Internet connection (no more local servers). We understand the vulnerability of Australian network coverage, so our system also works over Wi-Fi or fully offline if required with all information synchronising immediately once internet connectivity is available. 


AgriNous for Livestock Agents

Working alongside prominent Stock Agents throughout Australia, AgriNous is demonstrating that with minimal training and setup, any stocky can pick up a device and start using our platform alongside existing paper systems within minutes.

With it’s persistent balancing capabilities, the benefits of AgriNous quickly become obvious, Stock Agents can trust that the data is accurate and the excessive time spent after each sale balancing books and cards has become a thing of the past.  

AgriNous for Saleyard Managers

YardNous is built for Saleyard Operators (private /government) or Saleyard contractors. The power of this offering is that when an individual agent takes out their own AgriNous subscription, this has a direct impact on the YardNous subscription fees by way of pricing discounts, making the AgriNous ecosystem a very efficient and cost effective solution for industry.

AgriNous for Scale Operators

AgriNous is pleased to now provide a NLIS compliance tool to the Scale Operator market.

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